Introduction to eztalks

Brief overview of eztalks products and services

eztalks is an all-in-one online engagement platform for effortless and cost-effective communication through text messaging, fax, and phone calls with customers and partners. To learn more eztalks, please check About us.

Products and services

eztalks SMS enables companies to transform customer experiences through its easy-to-use text messaging marketing software, which can be used for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, and SMS marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere.

Our phone call service is designed to be both reliable and affordable. With eztalks, you can make phone calls to anyone, anywhere in the world, at a low cost. Our platform also offers various calling features, such as call recording and forwarding, to meet your unique needs.

eztalks provides virtual phone numbers in over 180+ countries, every business could own its dedicated phone numbers for customer support, sales team, and more.

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